The Block Museum of Art

The Block Museum of Art is a free public art museum located on
the campus of Northwestern University in Illinois. The Block
Museum was established in 1980 when Chicago art collectors
Mary and Leigh B. Block donated funds to Northwestern University
for the construction of an art exhibition venue. 

“Block” not only represents the name of Mary and Leigh B. Block
who donated funds but also literally means a large quantity or
allocation of things regarded as a unit. The slogan of the museum
is “What’s inside the block? It depends on how you look...”. The
logo mark is built of the letter "B". The form of the logomark
represents meanings behind the word “block” but also the
museum’s value and mission. The major color is the same as
Northwestern University’s school color, purple, because the
museum is located on the campus.

  • Brand Identity
  • Instructor: Melissa Weiss
  • Award: Graphis New Talent Annual 2022 Silver Award